How to register a company in Ireland – A beginner’s guide

egister a company in Ireland

By Andrew Lambe, 5th October 2011 (Updated 21th October 2020) As Company Formation experts, a question we are commonly asked is ‘how do I incorporate an Irish company’ or ‘How do I register my business?’ Before this question can be answered you need to decide what type of business you want to set up. This is the million dollar […]

First part of New Companies Bill in Ireland now finalised

By Andrew Lambe, 7th June 2011 The long-awaited consolidated Companies Act moved a step closer last week with the publication of the first part of the Companies Consolidation and Reform Bill, otherwise known as “Pillar A” by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton. When the consolidated Companies Bill is signed into law […]

The ‘Dutch Sandwich’ explained, and why Ireland is the No.1 Jurisdiction in Europe to establish a company in 2011

By Andrew Lambe, 22nd February 2011. So far in 2011, Ireland continues to attract the cream of foreign direct investment, due to its pro-business attitude and environment, its status as the only English-speaking eurozone member, and its ultra-competitive corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Up to the 14th February 2011, figures show that new company incorporations […]

Irish Limited Company requirements for letterheads, invoices, company website and business address

Irish company requirements

By Andrew Lambe, 29th May 2019 (originally published on 27th January 2011) If you are thinking of registering a Limited Company in Ireland, or if you have recently done so, it is important that you consider the details that you are obliged to disclose on your company letterheads, business letters, order forms, your place of […]

Irish Government 100% committed to 12.5% Corporate Tax Rate in Ireland

By Andrew Lambe, 19th October 2010. The Irish Government has again reiterated its commitment to Ireland’s highly competitive Corporate Tax rate of 12.5%, despite an unwelcome attempt from EU Commissioner Olli Rehn to stir trouble by declaring ‘Ireland will not continue as a low-tax country’. Irish Corporate tax Retained Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan issued […]

Why use a Company Formation Agent to register my Irish Company?

By Andrew Lambe, Commercial Director. 5th October 2010 (Updated 22nd February 2017) The majority of people setting up a limited company in Ireland will use a company formation agent to register the company on their behalf, instead of going directly to the Companies Registration Office (CRO). This is the easiest and ultimately the most cost-effective way […]

Mauritius Company Formation – Register a company in Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean approximately 800 km off the East Coast of Madagascar. The population is approximately 1,200,000 made up mainly by people of European, African, Indian and Chinese origin. As well as being an ideal honeymoon destination, Mauritius provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate a low cost, legally tax-efficient […]

Company Re-Registrations Ireland

company re-registration Ireland

Company Bureau can assist you to re-register an Irish Company and change its company type.  Under the Companies Act 2014, it is possible to change from one company type to another i.e., Limited to Unlimited or Private to Public or vice versa. This may be required for a variety of reasons, for example, a Private Limited […]