Annual Return Late Filing Fee Calculator

Our late filing fee calculator tool easily calculates the penalty fees outstanding for a late Annual Return in Ireland. This tool allows you to quickly work out the amount due to the Companies Registration Office up to a particular date.

A similar tool was previously made available by the Companies Registration Office but since their IT overhaul in December 2020, this facility is no longer available. We are aware of the reliance that was placed on this helpful tool, so have made one available to the Irish public free of charge.

Calculating Late Fees

Annual Returns in Ireland must be filed within 56 days of the company’s Annual Return Date. If the 56th day is a weekend day or bank holiday, then the due date falls to the next working day. There is a €100 late fee on the first day the return is late which increases by €3 per day up to a maximum of €1,200 per year. The increase in fees is applied every day, even on bank holidays and weekends.

Please note: There were around 11 different covid-19 extensions between March 2020 and June 2021 so if the annual return you are calculating fell during that period, you may be liable for less fees than shown below. Please contact CRO to see if you can benefit from any of the extensions by paying less fees. Only the CRO can confirm this for you.

Late Fee Calculator

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€ 20

My Annual Return is Late, What Should I Do?

We have a helpful blog on this topic here. In summary, if you have a late annual return, you have two options:

  1. File the annual return, pay the late fees and submit audited accounts for the next two years.
  2. Apply to the District Court (under Section 343 of the Companies Act 2014) to waive the late fees and restore the lost audit exemption. If you have mitigating reasons, such as illness, bereavement or other force majeure event, as to why the annual return was not filed, we would be delighted to speak to you about your chances of being successful in the District Court.

If you need assistance with either the filing of the annual return or the District Court application, contact us or call us directly at +353(0)1 6461625.

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