How to Prepare your Company for the Charitable Status Application

Applying for Charitable Status

By Ashley Coakley, 20th June 2022 The Charities Regulator maintains the Register of Charities in Ireland, accepts applications for Charitable Status and ensures registered charities are compliant with the law, primarily the Charities Act 2009 and the Charities Governance Code. When deciding whether a Charitable Status application is right for your company, the following must […]

Consequences of non-compliance with Register of Beneficial Ownership

Non-Compliance of RBO Filing

By Sinéad Floody, 20th May 2022 The Registrar of Companies, Maureen O’Sullivan, announced at a recent conference that the Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO) is now issuing summons’ to companies that have yet to make their RBO filing, for court hearings later this year. This active enforcement of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist […]

The difference between a business/trading address and a registered office address

business address

By Annette McCarthy, 12th May 2022 An important part of company formation and ongoing compliance is knowing the difference between a business/trading address and a registered office address. This is paramount when setting up your company as they both serve different purposes. Both addresses can be the same, but sometimes you may need to use […]

5 years on and some companies have still not converted their M&A to a constitution – the impacts

M&A constitution

By Annette McCarthy, 7th April 2022 Important update: all Limited Companies incorporated prior to 1st June 2015 were required to convert to a new company type and replace the memorandum and articles of association with a constitution. If this action was not taken, the constitution will reference an obsolete Companies Act and may contradict current company […]

Deciding Between a Private Limited Company and a Branch in Ireland

branch company

By Jason Pretorius, 2nd February 2022 With the rising number of foreign companies that are seeking to develop a presence in Ireland, a common question is whether it would be more beneficial to register a subsidiary company, or an external company (“branch company”). This short blog attempts to highlight some of the key differences between […]

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