International Women’s Day – Interview with Company Bureau Colleagues

8th March 2023 Today, we join the world in celebrating International Women’s Day as we recognise and appreciate the achievement that women accomplish every day. A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA. By challenging gender stereotypes, calling out discrimination, drawing attention to bias, and actively seeking out inclusion, we can […]

How to Set Up a Not-For-Profit Organisation (NFPO)

How to set up a NFPO CLG

By Ashley Coakley, 28th September 2022 This article will discuss Companies Limited by Guarantee and focus on registering a not-for-profit organisation (NFPO) rather than charitable CLGs. NFPOs can apply for Charitable Status when they have a suitable charitable purpose and meet the other requirements set out by the Charities Regulator. What is a CLG and […]

How to Set Up a Travel Agency in Ireland

setting up travel agency

By Annette McCarthy, 6th September 2022 Tourism is one of the largest, thriving industries in Ireland and can be financially advantageous for both local and foreign investors. The process to set up a travel agency in Ireland is relatively straightforward with the assistance of a licensed formation agent such as Company Bureau. The Irish Government […]

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