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The first step to an Irish company formation is to check whether the name you want is available. The Companies Registration Office (CRO) will only accept a new limited company name that is unique to the companies that already exist on the register. Names that are similar, identical or phonetically the same will not be accepted.

Choose a company name that has at least one distinguishing word; non-descriptive words such as ‘services’, ‘international’, ‘Ireland’ and ‘solutions’ are not considered distinguishing words by the registrar and will be discounted from the name check. Any name that implies state sponsorship or is thought to be offensive will not be accepted. Use of certain words such as “bank”, “insurance” and “group” require special permission.

Please Note: This form is to check the availability of a new company name, our name check service is for clients who intend to set up a new Irish company. If you wish to check the details of an existing Irish or International company please click here Company Search.

Company Name Check Form

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What’s Next?

Once you have submitted the form, one of our team members will check the proposed names and contact you within 1 business day, though this is normally within the hour. Once we have confirmed that the Companies Registration Office will accept a company name, we can proceed to form a company on your behalf.

If you need urgent assistance we can check your proposed limited company name over the phone or by email, give us a call at +353 (0)1 6461625 or email You can also use the Company Order Form to submit your 1st and 2nd choice limited company names, along with the new company details.

Why was my company name rejected?

There are many reasons why your chosen company name may not be accepted by the CRO. The most common reason is that a similar name already exists on the register. To get around this you can try adding a unique word to distinguish your company from those already on the register. A distinguishing word may be related to the type of business you want to establish or the industry it will operate in. Use the free company name check form on this page and one of our specialists will check your chosen company name in the fastest possible time frame.

Another reason a company name was rejected could be that it contains a restricted word. Read our blog post to help you choose a company name that is likely to be accepted: What are the company name restrictions in Ireland?

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