Shareholders Agreement for Irish Companies

A Shareholders Agreement is a legally binding contract between the shareholders/members of a company. It is used to detail the rights and conduct of the members throughout a variety of situations and dealings. One key reason for putting an agreement in place would be the lack of provisions for shareholders in the Companies Act 2014. As a result, there are minimal rules governing the powers of things like minority shareholders, the sale of shares and how disputes are resolved.

A Shareholders Agreement is a document that is designed to prevent an imbalance in control or extensive conflicts within a company. It takes into account the governance of a company, such as when a party intends to purchase the company or the conditions under which shares can be sold. It also grants powers to shareholders that a share class would not typically have, such as giving a minority shareholder the ability to appoint a director or specifying the details of preference when winding up a company.

At Company Bureau we can fully explore and formulate a bespoke Shareholders Agreement, tailored to the requirements of your company. Constructing an agreement will ensure contingencies are put in place to allow the business to run smoothly allowing you to fully focus on obtaining and advancing your customer base.

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