Irish Company Name Change

Company Bureau can assist you in changing a Limited Company name in Ireland. If you try to do this yourself there are quite a few steps involved and it is surprisingly complicated. We will take the following required steps to complete this task properly:

    1. Check availability of the proposed new company name
    2. Preparation and filing of Companies Registration Office Form G1Q
    3. Preparation of an amended Constitution for the company
    4. Preparation of a Special Resolution, signed by the members
    5. Directors Board Minutes to pass resolution
    6. New Company Seal

For the completion of all of the above, our fee is €250, which includes VAT and CRO filing fees. A company name change in Ireland takes 1-2 weeks through Company Bureau. Please note that your proposed company name may not be available for incorporation if it is considered too similar to a name already on the register. Company Bureau will be happy to check this for you in advance of the application.


Once your company name is changed, you should notify your bank, customers, suppliers and the Revenue Commissioners straight away. Company-headed paper, website, e-mail signatures, compliment slips and business cards will also need to be updated.

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