Company Bureau’s Tree-Planting Campaign

Review Forest Campaign

The Company Bureau Team is always searching for ways to reduce our environmental footprint both in our personal lives and at work. From cycling to work, reducing our paper consumption, and switching to reusable coffee cups and water bottles we all felt we wanted to do more. We are very excited to have teamed up with Review Forest and Plant for the Planet’s ‘Trillion Tree Campaign’ to help in the fight against the climate crisis. Join us on our journey to become a climate-positive company.

We Need Your Help!

We will plant one tree for every Google Review we receive! If you have used Company Bureau’s company formation or corporate services, we ask you to please take a few minutes to leave us an honest review. You may want to mention the type of service you ordered, how easy the ordering process was, or if you were happy with the overall service you were provided. If there were any members of our team who were particularly helpful, please let us know. As a small company, we rely on customer feedback to help us to improve and grow our business. Every tree planted off-sets carbon dioxide and provides a habitat for other plants and animals. We want to thank you for joining us in the fight for a healthier planet.

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How is Company Bureau contributing to Plant for the Planet’s Trillion Tree Campaign?

We have teamed up with Review Forest and Plant for the Planet to combat global warming and make a positive impact on our planet. Each Google review that Company Bureau receives will be converted into a tree planted in Mexico by the ‘Plant for the Planet Team’. They have chosen to grow trees in the Yucatán region in Mexico as it’s one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. The Yucatán region has an ideal climate for tree growth allowing trees to grow rapidly and capture Co2 a lot faster in this location. Company Bureau will cover the cost of planting a tree for each of our customers who leave a review to represent a symbol of climate justice. Each new tree that is planted can use up to 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide while providing a flourishing habitat for local animals.

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