Certificate of Incumbency

A Certificate of Incumbency is not issued by the CRO office directly, however, it does contain key details about a company that are held on the company register. A Certificate of Incumbency can be issued by a corporate agent or officer to confirm their position and for how long they have been appointed to that position. This official document is used as evidence of the individuals or entities that hold certain roles and control within the company such as the current director(s), officer(s), and key shareholders.

A Certificate of Incumbency may be required to open a corporate bank account, support a loan application, or other circumstances that require evidence of the company details. This certificate can be obtained for all limited company types. However, Limited Partnerships would be unable to obtain a Certificate of Incumbency due to partnerships not being independent entities from their owners.

Similar to a Certificate of Good Standing, a certificate of incumbency will confirm that the company’s fillings are up to date and that no action has been taken by the CRO to strike the company from the record. A key difference is that a Certificate of Incumbency will list the current shareholders and may also contain the company’s beneficial owners if required.

A Certificate of Incumbency includes the following information:

  • Company Details: Company Name/ Registration Number/ Company Type/ Date of Incorporation
  • The Registered Office Address of the Company
  • Details about the company’s issued share capital and the value per share.
  • A statement that the company is in good standing as evidenced by documents filed with the Companies Registration Office and that no actions have been taken to wind up the Company or to appoint a receiver or manager.
  • Details of the Company Director(s): Full Name, Address and Date of Appointment
  • Details of the Company Shareholder(s) or Member(s): Full Name, Address and Number of Shares Held
  • Details of the Corporate Secretary

Our expert team can prepare a Certificate of Incumbency for your Irish company, our fee is €150+VAT. This service includes confirmation and verification of company details as per your requirements. Please contact us today to proceed with this service, all we need is the company name, registration number (if known), and any additional information you would like included on the document.

Authentication and Apostille of Documents

If you require any company documents to be apostilled, they must first be certified/notarised, usually, a solicitor will notarise documents that are sworn before them. The dept of foreign affairs will then apostille it as they have a list of all registered notaries in Ireland. We can arrange these services for a fee, please contact us for a quote or visit our service page for more information on Authentication and Apostille of Documents.

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