Filing of Company Annual Returns in Ireland

Irish Companies are required under statutory legislation to file an Annual Return and Accounts each year with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland. Failure to comply with this regulation can have serious implications, including substantial fines which accumulate on a daily basis, loss of audit exemption for 2 years, and possible involuntary dissolution of the company and legal action against the Directors by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE)

It is important to note an Irish company’s first Annual Return is due 6 months after incorporation, and every 12 months thereafter. No accounts are required with the first Annual Return. Annual returns contain financial statements which must be filed with the CRO within 56 days of the Annual Return Date. A company must make their filing of Annual Returns in every calendar year, and the accounts must be made up to a date no more than 9 months before the ARD. The Annual Return date (ARD) can be changed from the 2nd Annual Return onwards (no more than once every 5 years).

Company Bureau can assist you with this statutory requirement, as well as advise on any other company secretarial and compliance matters. In fact, we can look after all your corporate governance and statutory requirements leaving you to concentrate on managing your business. For more information please click here or review our Annual Company Compliance Service. A list of the legal requirements for an Irish Limited Company is available by clicking here.

If an Irish company’s annual return is late there will be fees outstanding to the CRO that must be paid upon filing.

Late Filing Fee Calculator

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