PPS Number Applications: Personal Public Service Number

Company Directors of Irish Limited Companies are required by law to apply for and obtain a Personal Public Service (PPS) number. Any individual shareholders who are in receipt of dividends must also apply for a PPS number.

Company Bureau can assist your company officers and apply for a PPS number on your behalf in the quickest possible timeframe. A PPS number is a national identification number for taxation and other purposes, comparable to a Social Security number. A PPS number is always 7 numbers followed by either one or two letters.

Who is required to have a PPS Number?

  • All Irish company directors will need an Irish PPS number if they own more than 15% of the shares in the company, or if they are taking a salary from the company.
  • Anyone who wants to draw a salary from an Irish registered company is required to apply for a PPS number to register with the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Any individual shareholders who are in receipt of dividends from an Irish registered company are also required to apply for a PPS number

Any individuals who do not currently have an Irish PPS Number will need to make an application with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. Due to a large backlog of applications, this process can take several months.

Please Note: Company Directors are not currently required to have a PPS number when incorporating a new Irish company. However, Proprietary Directors are advised to proceed with a PPS number application as soon as their company has been registered. Upcoming PPS Number Requirement for Company Directors

Beneficial Owners

Any beneficial owner holding more than 25% of an Irish company is obliged to file their details with the Central Register of Beneficial Owners (RBO). If this beneficial owner is also a shareholder and taking dividends, they need to register for a PPS number. If not, then they will need to complete a form BEN 2 to obtain an RBO transaction number to use in the absence of a PPS number. Please contact us for further information on this.

PPS Number Application Service

Company Bureau’s professional fee for obtaining an Irish PPS Number for company officers is €100+VAT /per person.


PPS Number & Income Tax Registration Service

If you would like to proceed with both a PPS number application and Income Tax registration, we can provide this for the combined price of €175+VAT /per person.

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