What is Crowdfunding and could it work for my startup business?

crowdfunding for startup businesses

By Caitlyn Buchanan, 5th August 2020 Traditional funding methods such as bank loans, bank overdrafts, credit cards, and lines of credit have proven to be inefficient for many new startup businesses. Crowdfunding is an alternative to traditional methods of business funding. In this article, we take a closer look at the option of Crowdfunding for […]

How start-ups can prepare for a Merger or Acquisition (M&A)

prepare for a Merger or Acquisition

By Caitlyn Buchanan, 28th July 2020 Mergers and Acquisitions are a time of change and opportunity for entrepreneurs. When preparing for a Merger or Acquisition there are several key steps and considerations to be made. What is the Difference Between a Merger and an Acquisition? Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are transactions where the ownership of […]

How to Maintain Irish Company Tax Residence during the COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

tax residence of a company

By Andrew Lambe, 27th April 2020 As the COVID-19 situation develops, countries around the world are expecting to see a significant economic impact which will most likely result in a global recession. The Irish Government and many other countries have announced various measures to restrict contact and flatten the curve of infection. The current restrictions […]

Maintaining company secretarial practices and good corporate governance during COVID-19

Company Secretarial practices

By Sinead Floody ACG, 21st April 2020 (Updated 12th Oct 2020) The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has affected all companies in some shape or form due to the government restrictions put in place, such as travel limitations and social distancing. While it is important for Irish registered companies to recognise how the pandemic is impacting them, […]

Support for Irish businesses in response to the Covid-19 Outbreak

Covid support for Irish business

By Caitlyn Buchanan, 8th April 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the most challenging situation for Irish Businesses since the 2008 financial crisis. The Irish Government and Department of Enterprise, Business and Innovation (DBEI) have launched a range of supports to assist businesses to stay open and keep their staff employed during this difficult […]

Hybrid AGM: How to fulfil Annual General Meeting requirements remotely

hold AGMs remotely

By Ashley Coakley, 7th April 2020 (updated 10th December 2021) The legislation to allow Annual General Meetings to be held online has been extended until 30th April 2022. The extension of the Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Covid-19) Act 2020 has been welcomed by some 240,000 companies and 950 industrial and provident societies in Ireland. There is also talk […]

Service Update from Company Bureau on Covid-19 Crisis

Company Bureau would like to take this opportunity to reassure its valued clients that we are still very much open for business, despite the threat of COVID-19. The welfare of you, our clients and of our staff is of utmost priority, so following the Irish Government lockdown on non-essential services until 14th April (to be extended) we […]

The Benefits of Starting a Business After Retirement

retired entrepreneurs

By Paula Horan, 23rd March 2020 Many people who have reached retirement are still full of drive and ambition. Don’t let retirement leave your life with a lack of structure or purpose, retirement is a time of reflection and growth. Starting a business after retirement can allow you to follow your passions and reinvent your […]

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