How to register a company in Ireland – A beginners guide

By Andrew Lambe, 5th October 2011 (updated 27.09.16)

As Company Formation experts, a question we are commonly asked is ‘how do I incorporate an Irish company’ or ‘How do I register my business?’

Before this question can be answered you need to decide what type of business you want to set up. This is the million dollar question that many of our clients have. There is no ‘catch all’ answer – It really depends on your precise requirements. If you are not sure, it is a good idea to seek the advice of an independant tax advisor or Accountant.

The benefits of a limited liability company are outlined here in our blog article that we published last year, courtesy of Mr. Gerald Owens FCA, AITI, of FDC. However a limited company is not for everyone e.g. for a dog grooming business with a turnover of EUR10,000 per year, registration of the business as a sole trader would be more suitable.

The process for business name registration is outlined by clicking here The process is straightforward, and once your certificate of business name registration is issued you can open a bank account in your company name and register for taxes / as self employed.

For the required steps on registering a limited company, please click here for more details. Once you have completed the application form, Company Bureau can have your company registered in only 3-4 working days.

May we take the opportunity to congratulate you on starting your own business, and we wish you every success with your new company!

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