Ireland consistently recognised as the easiest country in Europe to pay business taxes

Business Tax In Ireland

By Andrew Lambe, 6th March 2012 (Updated 4th November 2020)

Ireland has been judged as the easiest country in Europe in which to pay business taxes according to a report published annually by PwC, the World Bank and the IFC. Ireland has been consistently recognised in this position for Irish business taxes, almost consistently ranking since 2007.

The report looks beyond the paying of corporation tax to include other Irish business taxes such as property taxes, VAT, vehicle taxes, social security taxes, capital gains taxes, etc. to give an accurate picture for firms to consider when deciding upon expansion or what new markets are worth pursuing.

Ireland ranked fourth in the world out of 190 economies, behind Hong Kong in first, and the UAE and Qatar who were joint second.

The report also highlights the competitive nature of business tax in Ireland like the corporate tax rate of 12.5%, which was much lower than the EU average of 21.8%.

This report calls attention to one of the complex factors than firms need to consider when deciding where to locate their corporate domicile. It also highlights why Ireland is top of the class in Europe for attracting inward investment and why discerning entrepreneurs are selecting Ireland to expand their businesses.

Head of Tax for PwC Ireland Joe Tynan said: “Ranking as the most effective in the EU for paying taxes, Ireland remains a very attractive location in which to do business.  The report highlights that Ireland does very well in terms of tax competitiveness.  And when you take labour and other taxes into account, Ireland’s total tax rate on corporate profits is much lower when compared with many other EU countries such as the UK, Germany, Sweden and France and also the US and China.”

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