The Importance of Shareholders’ Agreements for Start Up Companies and when registering a company in Ireland

By Brendan Ringrose Solicitor Whitney Moore 10th May 2013 (Updated 24th September 2018) A shareholders’ agreement is a legal contract between the shareholders (also called members) whose purpose is to govern the rights and obligations of the shareholders. It also establishes a framework for the operation and management of the company, thereby providing greater certainty for […]

Why Ireland is so popular for registering a company in the Aviation and Aircraft Leasing Sector

By Andrew Lambe. 8th April 2013. If you are deciding to register a company in the Aviation and Aircraft Leasing Sector and expanding your business across international boundaries, you might be faced with a variety of attractive options that you can possibly consider. From Belize to Seychelles, and from Singapore to Ireland, there are top destinations […]

Ireland ranked as the most globalised nation in the EU – 3rd in the world

By Seamus Conwell. 20th March 2013. Ireland has something to rejoice. The country recently came third as the most globalised nation on the planet in terms of GDP. The study was conducted by Ernst & Young in its annual globalization index which was launched last week at the Davos convention. The study also revealed Ireland’s capability of […]

Ireland ranked among the top FDI destinations for Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

By John O’Neill (guest poster), 11th March 2013 When it comes to the world’s best destinations for investments associated with business services, Ireland can surely be counted as one of them. The top 5 locations in the world as identified in a recent survey, refer to areas where FDI or foreign direct investment is made […]

New Companies Bill in Ireland passes through Seanad – Consolidated Companies Act to become law in 2015

By Andrew Lambe, 8th January 2013 (Updated 16th October 2014) On 21st December 2012, Minister for Enterprise and Jobs Richard Bruton announced the publishing of the long-awaited Consolidated Companies Bill, which will radically reform company law in Ireland. The bill, which comprises of 1429 sections, will consolidate the existing Companies Acts 1963-2013 into one brand new single piece […]

Ireland’s extensive list of double taxation treaties

By Andrew Lambe, 13th November 2012 (Updated 8th October 2021) Ireland is renowned as one of the best countries in the world in which to incorporate a company. One of the most compelling reasons for this is the extensive list of tax treaties that Ireland has in place. If you are a resident in one […]

Ireland’s effective corporate rax rate as low as 6.5% according to study

By Andrew Lambe, 8th November 2012. The effective corporate tax rate in Ireland may be as low as 6.5%, according to research conducted last week on Irish Government figures for 2010 by the political organisation United Left Alliance. This is close to half of Ireland’s marginal corporate tax rate of 12.5%, and tallies with other […]

Registering a Section 110 Securitisation Company in Ireland. Plant & Machinery now considered qualifying assets

By Paul Dillon, Tax Partner. Duignan Carthy O’Neill Accountants, Auditors and Tax Advisers. Ireland is a very favourable location for establishing securitisation companies that manage or hold assets such as bonds, stocks, and commodities. The passing of the Finance Act 2011 expanded ‘qualifying assets’ to include leasing of plant and machinery such as aircraft, ships, rolling […]