How to Register a Subsidiary Company in Ireland  

A foreign company can register a subsidiary company in Ireland as a separate legal entity to avail of the 12.5% corporate tax rate on all sales within the State and internationally. 

Company Bureau can assist you to register a Subsidiary of your existing company in Ireland. This is the most common option for expanding a business to Ireland. In some circumstances, a Branch company may also be used to establish a place of business in the State. An Irish subsidiary company is a preferred choice because it is a separate legal entity and therefore able to make business decisions independently from the parent company.

The process to register a subsidiary company in Ireland is the same as registering a new company. Subsidiary companies can be registered as using a Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD) or a Designated Activity Company (DAC). Both structures can provide limited liability to the shareholders, however, an LTD company structure is used most commonly. The key element that makes a subsidiary different from other companies is that it will have a corporate shareholder which holds the majority of shares. Other minor shareholders can also be added up to 49%. An interesting aspect of having a corporate shareholder is that the existing shareholders of that company will now have the same percentage stake in the new subsidiary.

For example; if John and Jane each hold 50% of shares in the corporate shareholder and that company holds 60% of shares in the subsidiary. Then John and Jane will each have a 30% stake in the subsidiary.    

Requirements to Register an Irish Subsidiary Company

Like other new Irish company formations, the subsidiary will be required to appoint at least one director who is an EEA resident, a company secretary and have a registered business address within Ireland. The first step is to complete the company order form. Company Bureau will then draft the company documents for signature.   

When a company has a Corporate Shareholder (i.e. another company as shareholder) we will need a letter from a lawyer on their official company paper outlining the structure of the company in full and confirming who the ultimate beneficial owners are. This should include the percentage ownerships and full beneficial owner details including name, address, date of birth and passport number (optional). 

Order a LTD Subsidiary Company Online

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