How to Set Up a Sports Club in Ireland

How to set up a sports club in Ireland

By Rachel Sweeney, 19th October 2022

A Sports Club can play a vital role within any community. Not only do these facilities improve economic value, but they also benefit the health & well-being of those within the community. A sports club is a highly beneficial addition to society as it provides community residents with a chance to partake in a team activity and learn an array of new skills. A Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) is the recommended company type if a legal entity is required for setting up your sports club in Ireland.

A CLG is a non-profit company usually used in circumstances requiring a separate legal entity and corporate protection in organisations such as charities, management companies, societies, and social and sports clubs. They are set up for a specific purpose such as to benefit the community. There are no shareholders or share capital in this type of company, however, all CLGs must have at least 2 directors, 1 secretary and 1 member. The directors of the company can also be members.

Steps When Ordering a CLG

  • Think about the company’s Objects Clause – The Objects Clause clarifies what the company is set up to achieve, where the company operates, who the company helps, and how its goals will be achieved.
  • Choose the Company Name – All company names in Ireland must be approved and are granted at the Company Registration Office’s (CRO) discretion. The CRO will perform checks to ensure that the name is not the same or similar to a name already registered, is not offensive and is not suggestive of state support. We can perform the name-check on behalf of any client wishing to set up a company. Company Bureau can assist you with choosing your company name as we have 25 years of experience setting up companies and have developed a strong relationship with the CRO.
  • Appoint Directors, Members & a Secretary – A minimum of 2 directors, 1 secretary & 1 member is required.
  • Pick a location for the Registered Office – All Irish companies must have a registered office address in the State. This may be an office address, a home address, or a registered office address purchased from a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) such as Company Bureau.

Registering your Sports Club

When the CLG is officially incorporated, you can begin the registration process for your sports club with Sports Ireland. When setting up a sports club, you must register your organisation with Sport Ireland to be included on their register of recognised and/or funded organisations that are declared as Compliant or on the ‘Adoption Journey’ of the Governance Code for Sport. The Governance Code for Sport builds on the work of the Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland.

How to achieve full adoption of the Governance Code for Sport

  • Read and understand the Code
  • Identify your Organisation Type
  • Inform Sports Ireland that your company is starting its Adoption Journey
  • Review and improve internal Policies and Practices
  • Complete & submit the relevant application forms to Sports Ireland
  • Produce a public Statement of Compliance
  • Make and adhere to a plan of ongoing Self-Assessment

 If you are interested in setting up a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) for the purposes of registering a Sports Club and require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or call +353(0)1 6461625. Our team at Company Bureau would be happy to assist you.


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