How to check if your business is safe from the digital hacking threat?

image of cyber security

By Simon O’ Connor, 18th October 2016

Cybersecurity breaches continue to be a hot topic amongst businesses. With companies gathering more and more information on their customers, there is an increased risk of damage to those individuals should a company suffer a security breach due to digital hacking. This information could potentially have a financial impact on the people affected.

In May 2018, the European Union will be introducing new obligations which companies must adhere to in order to prevent such situations. This will include the obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer, companies who suffer from a security breach will be required to notify “the supervisory authority” within 72 hours; and there will be fines for companies who are proven negligent in the case of a security breach.

Please see our checklists here which will let you know how your company is prepared for these new regulations. A negative answer to any questions on the list indicates the relevant area of risk needs to be addressed.

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