CLG & PULC’s required to file an increase in number of members: Not doing same is a category 4 offence

By Philip Hayden, 9th May 2018

The Companies Registration Office have taken steps to remind CLGs of their requirement to file an increase of members. The CRO is making this requirement clear, recognising that in the past a Company Limited by Guarantee may either not be aware of the requirement, or in rare cases, have chosen not to file.

With the likely outcome being a clamp down on non-filing and further scrutiny placed on the operations of a CLG, in all cases, the filing to increase members should be made. As a category 4 offence under Section 1199(4) of the Companies Act 2014, failure to file could incur a fine of up to €5,000. Section 1259(4) lays out a similar filing requirement for PULC type companies when new members are added.

At Company Bureau, for over twenty years we have been supporting CLG & PULC type companies in their filing requirements. Based on the number of members being appointed, our pricing would start from €75+VAT for this increase. This would also include the required meeting minutes and member’s certificates being drafted in all cases. Feel free to contact our Company Secretarial team on 01 6461625 or to discuss the process further.