Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus is conveniently located at the heart of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa and has a large English-speaking population. Cyprus has double-taxation treaties with over 47 countries and a low Corporate Tax rate of 10% – the lowest in the EU, although this is expected to increase to 12.5% shortly. Despite its banking and fiscal difficulties it remains one of the most popular jurisdictions in Europe in which to establish a low tax corporate entity.

Company Bureau can assist you in setting up a company in Cyprus, taking advantage of a country where company incorporation allows 100% foreign ownership.
An International Business Company (IBC) in Cyprus can be used for many different purposes including

• A Cyprus Trading Company
• A Cyprus Holding Company
• A Cyprus Investment Company
• A Cyprus Consultancy Company

Our unique service enables you to register a company in Cyprus with minimal hassle and without the need to travel there. Our service includes all notary fees and legal fees. There is no minimum capital requirement in Cyprus Company Formation.

For a convenient jurisdiction that is low-cost and accessible, set up a company in Cyprus today. Please contact us for further details.