Company Formation Australia

Australia represents the land of opportunity in 2011 and 2012 for overseas investors and entrepreneurs. A robust economy with only 5% unemployment, Australia is tipped to outperform the rest of the developed world for most of this decade, helped by its rich commodity exports. Currently, ranking as the world’s 9th-easiest place to do business, Australia Company Formation could be the perfect option to explore.

A properly structured Australia private limited company (Pty) is an excellent corporate entity to conduct business in Australia and internationally. The following are the main advantages of Australia Company Formation:

  1. Australia company registration is easy and cost-effective. Only one Director is required and foreign ownership is allowed.
  2. No minimum capital requirements.
  3. Easy place to do business and is also ranked as the 8th least corrupt country in the world by the 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency Int.
  4. Main international banks are located in Australia and easy to open international corporate bank accounts.
  5. Wide range of incentives available for entrepreneurs who register a company in Australia, including tax benefits and an excellent network of tax treaties.

It is a requirement for an Australian company to have a Director appointed who resides in Australia, as well as having a Registered Office Address located in Australia. Company Bureau can, of course, assist you with these requirements, as well as help you with tax registration, virtual office (if required), provision of bank accounts, and legal and accounting services. For more information or to set up a company in Australia today, Please don’t hesitate to contact us at +353 (0) 1 6461625 for further details or complete our contact form today.

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