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Irish Company Formation Essentials

Setting Up a Company in Ireland: The Complete Company Checklist

A Guide to Staying Compliant When Setting Up a Company in Ireland

Voluntary Strike-Off: Closing your Company Properly

Non-Resident Guides

Setting Up a Company in Ireland as a Non-Resident: Requirements & Guidelines

New CRO Requirement for Director PPSNs

At What Stage of the Filing of the Form is the PPS Number Checked with the CRO?

What Is It & How Does it Affect Companies?

RBO or PPS Number – Which One Should I Use?

The Purpose of This Change

How Best to Prepare Prior to Go-Live

How Do you Know if a Directors PPS Number is Not Matching a B1 Form if Filing for 10 Directors?

CRO Delays & Fines

How Can You Tell Which Director’s PPSN is Not Matching, if Filing a Form with More than One Director?

Changes Company Director’s Should Expect

What Happens if Someone Has a RBO Number, and Subsequently Got a PPSN After?

What Happens if Someone Passes Away & They Do Not Have Any Numbers Registered to Them?

Is the PPSN, or Equivalent, Needed to Resign a Director?

Will the PPSN be Protected from Documents Accessible to the Public?

Can I Use an RBO Number as an IPN?

Identity Validation Checks – What Does this Involve?

Is it Just the Director’s Name or Date of Birth that Can Cause an Issue? Or Can the Address Also Cause Issue?

What Happens if a Director Ignores the Email, and the Presenter Does Not Know the PPSN is Invalid?

What if My PPSN is Registered Under My Maiden Name?

Will the CRO be Storing the PPSNs?

How Long Will it Take to Receive an IPN?

What Information is Required on the VIF Form to Obtain an IPN?