Irish Trademark Applications up 11% in 2017

Irish trademark application

By Caitlyn Buchanan, 19th June 2018

According to statistics published by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, there was an 11% increase in Irish Trademark applications in 2017. The total number of applications in 2017 was 3,965.

Trademarking is a method of certifying and protecting the various symbols that represent your product, brand or service. Any distinctive graphic sign or symbol that distinguishes the goods or services from business or trader can be trademarked. This includes items such as logos, words, and slogans.

Patents Office Applications 2016- 2017

+11% (3,965) Irish Trademarks Applications
-8% (264) Patents
-4% (63) SPC’s (Supplementary Protection Certificate)
-14% (155) Designs

Despite any uncertainty that Brexit may have caused, Ireland remains an attractive destination for both local and foreign high-tech companies. When considerable time and money has been invested in the development of products or services it is important to protect those valuable assets from imitation. If you are interested in Irish trademark applications, please visit our Trademark Registration Ireland service page to find out more.

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