The difference between a business/trading address and a registered office address

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By Annette McCarthy, 12th May 2022

An important part of company formation and ongoing compliance is knowing the difference between a business/trading address and a registered office address. This is paramount when setting up your company as they both serve different purposes. Both addresses can be the same, but sometimes you may need to use two separate addresses.

Business/Trading Address

For an address to be classified as a business/trading address, it must be the premises where your company’s business is conducted from. It is the location where the real activity is handled. This is the place where decisions are made regarding the company. This address may be your home address or the physical premises where your business is conducted such as a commercial unit. The business address is not shown on public record, except on the incorporation of the company. The Irish Revenue Commissioners are more interested in this address and Revenue should be kept up to date with regards to any changes to this address.

Registered Office Address

The registered office address can be anywhere in the Republic of Ireland and must be a physical location whereby An Post can deliver post, it cannot be a PO Box. It can be a home residential address. This is the address at which your company is registered at the Companies Registration Office (CRO). All CRO correspondence, formal legal notices and official mail is sent to the registered office address. This address is shown on public record. The registered office address is normally where a company’s register, seal and statutory documents are kept. It is paramount that the company’s registered address is kept up to date with the CRO.

How to Change a Company’s Registered Office Address and can Company Bureau assist?

Company Bureau offers an Irish Registered Office Service for €350 (plus VAT – where applicable) per annum. This service includes generating and filing the required documents to change the previously registered office address to ours with the CRO, drafting of minutes, the use of our city-centre location, receipt and acceptance of legal documentation, holding of statutory registers (if required), mail forwarding of business post/items of post received from the CRO and the Irish Revenue Commissioners and confirming receipt of couriered documents.

How to order Company Bureau’s Registered Office Service

Please follow this link to quickly order our Registered Office Service on our website. This service is suitable for both new and existing Irish companies. If you have any queries about any of the information covered in this article, please do not hesitate to contact us or call +353 1 6461625.


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