5 essential tips for your start-up company


1.Be a good listener – Leading a company does not mean doing everything on your own. You are not expected to know all the answers but you are expected to find them. Don’t be afraid to listen to people outside your organisation. They can offer a fresh perspective as they will see situations in a different light than you.

2.Know your market – Don’t be too eager to attack the market before you fully understand who your customers are. To build a prosperous business you need to do your research.

3.Hire the right people – Hiring the right employee is a difficult task. Obviously qualifications and experience are major factors when making this decision but you also need to consider who will fit in with your company culture. In a start up environment, more often than not your team will be working closely together. This means it is essential for you to build a team that is dynamic and that create the right atmosphere that you want in your business.

4.Make decisions on facts – Familiarising yourself with metrics and performance analytics will help you understand what is working and what is not.

5.Be prepared to fail – You should understand that failures is a possibility. If you do fail, you must not dwell on it as this will stop you from quickly moving forward. Instead, understand what happened, realise what you could have done differently and start again.

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