Mauritius Company Formation – Register a company in Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean approximately 800 km off the East Coast of Madagascar. The population is approximately 1,200,000 made up mainly by people of European, African, Indian and Chinese origin. As well as being an ideal honeymoon destination, Mauritius provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate a low cost, legally tax-efficient entity to conduct international business. Two main types of company are available in Mauritius: The GBC1 Company and GBC2 Company.

Mauritius GBC1s are companies incorporated under the Companies Act 2001 and licensed by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. They are resident in Mauritius for taxation purposes and have access to Mauritius’ extensive double taxation avoidance treaty network, provided they hold a Tax residence Certificate issued by the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

Mauritius GBC2s are companies incorporated under the Companies Act 2001 with a category 2 Global Business Licence. GBC2 companies are designed for business outside of Mauritius and may not carry on business in Mauritius (subject to a number of statutory exceptions). GBC2s are commonly used for the holding / ownership of investments and assets (real estate or shares or other property) commercial transactions and international trading operations, asset protection, non financial consultancy services.

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