Luxembourg Company Incorporation

Luxembourg is a small, stable, high-income economy and an EU member conveniently located in the heart of Europe. Founded as far back as the year 963, Luxembourg is positively ranked as the world’s 13th-freest economy according to the Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Index of Economic Freedom. It joined the euro currency area in 1999 and has one of the highest GDP in the world per capita (PPP) at $102,831 (2016)

Company Bureau can assist you in setting up a company in Luxembourg, taking advantage of a most popular European country for foreign investment. A Luxembourg company which qualifies as a Trading Company can register for EU VAT and access double taxation treaties with over 40 countries worldwide.

There are 2 main forms of Luxembourg Company Incorporation for non-Luxembourg residents:

  • Limited Liability Company (Luxembourg Societee a Responsabilite Limitee – SARL)
  • Joint Stock Company (Luxembourg Societe Anonyme – SA)

Our unique service enables you to register a company in Luxembourg with minimal hassle and without the need to travel there. Our service includes all notary fees, legal fees and the provision of a bank account in order to deposit the €12,500 share capital required for a SARL.

Companies in Luxembourg can have an effective corporate tax rate as low as 5% if structured properly. Our tax associate in Luxembourg can help you avail of this.

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