Ireland ranked among the top FDI destinations for Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

By John O’Neill (guest poster), 11th March 2013

When it comes to the world’s best destinations for investments associated with business services, Ireland can surely be counted as one of them. The top 5 locations in the world as identified in a recent survey, refer to areas where FDI or foreign direct investment is made in the sectors pertaining to customer care, financial services, cloud computing, service software, farm server solutions, and IT. According to, Ireland along with Malta, Egypt, Iceland, and Spain, were countries where a considerable amount of effort was put into establishing themselves as the perfect places for the relocation of managed services businesses and business process outsourcing (BPO). The list comprised of five destinations regarded as the prime places for receiving investment returns along with the investor’s value for capital.

The report said that Ireland had extensively enjoyed the status of being an IT and go to outsourcing destination within Europe. Though Ireland was hit rather harshly by the global economic downturn, along with numerous IT personnel who came to Ireland in times of its success having departed, the country still remains a firm, if unexpected, option for BPO solutions and IT outsourcing, given the situations. The IT reputation of Ireland is felicitous, along with having the training, infrastructure, and facilities, i.e. an available, uniquely skilled, and bright workforce, more readily accessible than it was ever before.

The above once again highlights Ireland as the leading jurisdiction in Europe for new company formation. With a range of benefits including an extremely generous corporate tax rate of 12.5%, Ireland should be at the forefront of any plans to expand and open a company in a low tax and competitive jurisdiction. Ireland has the youngest and one of the most highly-educated workforces in the European Union and it is the European home of large technology companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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