Share Buybacks

Company Bureau can arrange share buybacks for Irish companies. This process involves a company’s reacquisition of shares from its shareholders. A share buyback could be an ideal alternative to paying dividends as it allows a company to re-absorb a portion of its ownership while distributing excess cash to its shareholders. Share buybacks may also be useful in the case of a departing shareholder.

Key Aspects of a Share Buyback:

  • This type of transaction is only used when the company is purchasing the shares from the shareholder and there is an exchange in money (nominal value at least).
  • Shares can only be purchased by the company out of its distributable profits.
  • Shares can be bought back at a premium.
  • This process requires a special resolution.
  • When bought back, the shares are either cancelled or held as treasury shares.
  • Covered by Companies Act 2014 and Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

Please Note: Depending on the situation, share buybacks could create tax implications for companies or their shareholders. It is recommended that you seek tax advice before proceeding with a share buyback.

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