Northern Ireland Company Formation

Company Bureau can assist you to register your company in the separate legal jurisdiction of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland enjoys similar company legislation to the Republic of Ireland and has legislation and a Companies Registry which until 2009 was completely separate from the Companies House in the UK. Politically, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but it’s citizens can choose their nationality as being Irish or British.

The main features of Northern Irish companies are:

  • Incorporation in 1-2 working days
  • Directors must be individuals. Only one director is required to incorporate a company.
  • No residency or nationality requirements for company directors.
  • A company secretary is optional, and can be either an individual or company and does not have to be resident in Northern Ireland.
  • All companies must have at least one subscriber/shareholder, corporate or individual, at the time of incorporation although as with the other positions mentioned above initially these will be taken by your company registration agent who upon registration will resign and appoint the permanent officers.
  • Northern Irish companies must have a registered office address located within the six counties of Northern Ireland.
  • Company seals are not compulsory for limited companies.
  • Most alterations to a company’s structure will normally not incur any extra government duties.
  • Shares should ideally be denominated in British Pounds Sterling (£’s). It is possible to issue shares denominated in Euro’s (€’s).

Whilst corporate tax rates are currently the same as the UK, it is expected that from 2018, Northern Ireland will have a devolved corporate tax rate of just 12.5%, which will be a lower rate than the rest of the United Kingdom and on a par with it’s southern neighbour, the Republic of Ireland.

Our fee for the formation of a Limited Company in Northern Ireland is only €295.00. Please contact us today for an application form and to register a company in Northern Ireland in the quickest possible timeframe.