Irish Resident Director Service

Company Bureau can provide or source an Irish resident Director for your new company formation. A suitable Irish Resident Director or Directors can be appointed to the board of your Irish Registered Company depending on the business needs. We have vast experience in providing this service, having served on the boards of some high-profile US and international companies, as well as smaller companies looking to gain a foothold in the Irish or European markets.

Do I need an Irish resident director for my Irish company?

It is possible to form a company in Ireland without an Irish resident director. Under the Companies Act 2014, the requirement to form an Irish company is that it appoints at least one EEA (European Economic Area) resident director. However, the nationality of a potential director will not influence this requirement. For example; an Irish citizen living in Australia cannot be the sole director of an Irish company.   

Whilst, not a legal requirement – It is advisable to have an Irish based Director on the board of your company and/or Irish based employee for tax residency purposes.

If you would like to form an Irish company but do not meet this requirement, a nominee director service may be required, or the other option is to take out a Section 137 Revenue Bond.  

What are the benefits of an Irish Resident Director?

The residency of the Company Director/s can be an important element in determining where the management and control of the company take place. If the control of the company is primarily outside of Ireland, having a local Irish Director may be necessary for tax registration, opening a corporate bank account and ensuring the company is considered tax resident in the State. 

It is important to note that Directors of Irish companies have important legal obligations under the Companies Act 2014 and at common law. Other legal obligation may also be applicable depending on the company type. They are also required to be involved in the management of the company, and not purely in a nominee capacity.

About our Irish Resident Nominee Directors

Our local director service provides experienced Irish directors who are residents in Ireland to act on the board of your company. They have held several Board Positions over the last number of years and held board positions for Irish based groups. Our nominee directors are highly regarded in the company secretarial & compliance area by Ireland’s accounting and legal professionals. 

For a free consultation on our Irish Resident Director Service, and to discuss your requirements in confidence, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +353 (0) 1 6461625 or complete our enquiry form and one of our staff will be in touch within 24 hours.

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