Why Us? Why Choose ‘Company Bureau’ to register my company?

If you are not somebody who has been recommended to Company Bureau it’s an understandable question to ask! So here’s why we are the preferred choice for registering a company in Ireland for Ireland’s discerning entrepreneurs and professionals, Accountants, Solicitors and Tax Advisors:

  • We have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD in delivering on customer service. We have incorporated over 30,000 companies since we started up in 1997. When selecting a company formation agent, it is a good idea to check when they were incorporated to see whether they actually have the experience they claim to have.
  • We are physically located at executive offices in CENTRAL DUBLIN. We’re not merely an on-line entity, a web presence at a serviced office, or located elsewhere with a mailing address in central Dublin. We are happy to meet you in person at our offices with no obligation, once you book an appointment with us in advance.
  • We offer CLEAR PRICING on all our services. The price you see is the price you pay. No sneaky add-ons – VAT, filing fees, legal fees, etc. are all included. Like you, we don’t like websites who try and entice you in with a cheap price for a sub-standard package (or to sign an Accountancy contract) and then confuse you with various packages. We offer one premium company formation package at a competitive price.
  • We offer a FULL PACKAGE with all our company formations. All our formations include a company seal and statutory register as standard as well as all the bound incorporation documents in a smart legal folder.
  • FASTEST FORMATION SERVICE IN IRELAND. We are registered agents of Companies Registration Office in Ireland, and we located less than 1km from their office (New Companies Section) in Central Dublin. We GUARANTEE that NO-ONE can set up a company in Ireland faster than us. We are at least 1-2 days quicker than anyone else.
  • We are one of the very few formation practices in Ireland with an in-house Commissioner for Oaths for witnessing of legal documentation.
  • Unlike some other agents/web entities, We SPECIALISE in Company Formation and Company Secretarial Services.
  • We are QUALIFIED experts in Formation and Company Secretarial Services. Our professional staff includes a qualfied chartered company secretary (ICSA GRAD) unlike the majority of formation agents operating in Ireland at present.
  • We are REGULATED as a Trust and Service Company Provider (TSCP) by the Department of Justice in Ireland. Company formation agents in Ireland without a TSCP authorisation number are trading illegally. To check the register please click here: http://www.antimoneylaundering.gov.ie
  • We have an AWARD-WINNING SERVICE. Company Bureau has been awarded ‘Business Formation Advisory firm of the year’ for Ireland by Acquisition International in their M&A awards for the past 7 years in a row (2012-2018 inclusive).

Need more reasons? Please see our Customer Testimonials

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