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Every Irish-registered company is legally required to hold a company seal (sometimes referred to as the ‘Common Seal’) which has its company name engraved on it in legible characters. The purpose of a company seal is to emboss official company documents which ensures authenticity. For example, all company’s share certificates are required to be embossed with the company’s seal beside the officer’s signatures. The Companies Act 2014 provides that the company seal shall only be used with the authority of the directors or of a committee of directors.

Pliers Seal

Company Bureau can supply high quality pliers company seals and desk company seals for all new and existing companies. These high quality seals have a 38mm in diameter round seal, can emboss paper up to 120 gsm and can fit up to 50 characters on the seal. Our price for a pliers company seal (most popular option) is €50+VAT.

Company Seal - Pliers Seal

Desk Seal

We can also arrange for the bespoke manufacture of a desk company seal, which is a free standing company seal that is suited to regular desk use and does not require assembly. Our price for a desk seal is €95+VAT.

Company Seal - Desk Seal

To order a seal today, please contact us on +353 (0)1 646 1625 or alternatively you can email

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