Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charge for 2011 due shortly

By Angus O’Donoghue, 31st May 2011

Collection of the Non Principal Private Residence Charge (NPPR) for 2011 commenced on the 31st March 2011 and is due shortly for companies and individuals.

The 2011 charge is based upon the ownership and status of the property on the 31st March 2011. Please note that you must pay the NPPR charge for 2011 on or before the 30th June 2011 to avoid late payment fees.

This levy on second homes or non-principal private residences in the state A late payment fee of €20 will be applied per month if the payment is made after 30 June 2011.

• The levy is €200 per property
• The levy applies to each additional property owned by the individual or company
• The levy applies to residential property only

The tax is self assessment and may be registered and paid on online using the following link

If you have any queries or require assistance in this matter please don’t hesitate to contact Angus Donohoe, BMOL Partners. PH: +353(1)662 2700

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