Free Limited Company Name Check for Irish Company Registration

Free Irish Company Name Check

The first step to an Irish company formation is to check whether the name you want is available. The Registrar of Companies will refuse a limited company name if it is similar, identical or phonetically the same as a company already registered. Non-descriptive words such as ‘services’, ‘international’, ‘Ireland’ and ‘solutions’ are not considered distinguishing words by the registrar, are are discounted from the name check. They will also refuse a name that implies state sponsorship or is thought to be offensive. Use of certain words such as “bank”, “insurance” and “group” require special permission.
We can check your proposed limited company name over the phone by calling
+353 (0)1 6461625
or by emailing You can also use the following form to submit your 1st and 2nd choice limited company names, along with your contact number by email and we will contact you within 1 business day, though this is normally within the hour. Once we have a name established, we can proceed to form a company on your behalf. NOTE This is a name availability check service for clients setting up a new company only. To check the details of an existing Irish or International company please click Company Search

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